Enjoy giving? Use the complete gift box sets of MyPresentForYou.
Wrapping your gifts is a breeze with this cute set of white Gift Boxes! Use the shiny boxes to house your favorite gifts including cupcakes, cookies, baby items or Spring gifts like succulents, decorative candles, scarves and more!

All in one. All you need to wrap up your gifts, cookies, bakery products or small apparel in ONE SET: You will receive 10 gift boxes PLUS 10 shiny butterfly pull bows AND 10 sheets of tissue paper.

Quality is key. Our gift boxes have a deluxe white high gloss finish on the outside and nice matte white on the inside. They are sturdy and easy to fold.

Beautiful butterfly pull bows The shiny butterfly bows are made of smooth poly ribbon. They come as flat strips for easy storing and come up like magic by pulling the two ribbon ends.

Tissue paper. To prevent damaging your presents or goods use the tissue paper to wrap around it.

Reusable. Gift boxes and butterfly pull bows can be reused.

Satisfaction guaranteed with MyPresentForYou. Our company’s mission is to make you feel great about giving. We want you to feel great about our products and offer a “No questions asked, money back guarantee”.

TIER PRICING APPLIES. 5% off for 2 or 3 items, 10% off for 4 or more. Click on the ‘Add-to-cart’ button to purchase NOW.

$16.99 USD

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