(Mypresentforyou.com December 15, 2014 ) Corona, California — Mypresentforyou, a creative gift wrapping company specializing in glossy gift boxes, is pleased to announce the launch of their High Gloss Box product line. The set of ten gift boxes is now available on Amazon.

Mypresentforyou wants everyone to feel great about giving. In today’s busy world, people are less willing to wrap gifts than they used to be.

It takes time, it’s cumbersome and people tend to think they aren’t creative enough to wrap a present in a nice way. Gift boxes are the solution for all giftwrapping challenges:

Anyone who has ever given a gift, knows that part of the fun is the curiosity that builds as the recipient wonders what it is. Gift boxes effectively hide the shape of presents, building the anticipation.
Scientists estimate that the United States alone generates an extra 5 million tons of waste over the holidays, most of which is from wrapping paper and shopping bags. Gift boxes are re-usable and recyclable.
Gift boxes are easy to store and easy to fold, there is always something at hand when to wrap a gift.
And last but not least: gift boxes give that luxurious feel to each present.

The premium gift boxes are made from one piece and have a white high gloss finish on the outside and a nice matte white on the inside. The boxes have a tuck top and a lock tab bottom and come with ten beautiful butterfly pull bows and complimentary tissue paper. This will give any present that luxurious boutique type feel.

For the Christmas season, the company announces A special introduction with a 40% DISCOUNT for a limited time till December 20th 2014.


About MyPresentForYou
Mypresentforyou provides high quality products for gift giving. The main product line consists of Elegant gift boxes that are designed for every occasion. In addition, MyPresentForYou guarantees both fast and efficient customer support and fast and reliable shipping.

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