December 17, 2014 - Corona, California -- Mypresentforyou, an online gift wrapping company specializing in glossy gift boxes, is announcing the launch of their High Gloss Gift Box product line on Amazon.

Wim Gerrits, CEO of Mypresentforyou: "Amazon is the perfect store for our product, because it offers our customers convenience and safety. The best thing about it is you can go shopping without ever walking out the door. And it is a much safer website than most when it comes to paying for your items. If you do not want to use your credit or debit card on the site, you have the option to use PayPal, which is a safer way of payment."

The premium gift boxes are made from one piece and have a white high gloss finish on the outside and a nice matte white on the inside. The boxes have a tuck top and a lock tab bottom and come with ten beautiful butterfly pull bows and complimentary tissue paper. This will give any present that luxurious boutique type feel.

The boxes come with 10 pieces of butterfly pull bows, which are made of smooth poly ribbon. The bows come as flat strips for easy storing and pull up like magic into a finished bow by pulling the two ribbon ends of the packet. To prevent damaging the content tissue paper is provided to wrap around it.

Wim Gerrits: "We want our customers to feel great about giving. Our gift boxes are suited for every 'giver': from people who refuse to buy presents that are not in easy-to-wrap rectangle shapes, to people who like to add a nice personal touch to their present. Our plain gift boxes are classy 'as is', but can also be 'pimped' to everyone's liking."

About MyPresentForYou

Mypresentforyou provides high quality products for gift giving. The main product line consists of elegant gift boxes that are designed for every occasion. In addition, MyPresentForYou guarantees both fast and efficient customer support and fast and reliable shipping.

Wim Gerrits

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